Paiving the way: Edition #1

January 21, 2021

Paiving the way is a monthly newsletter by me, Maddy at Paiv Creative that aims to celebrate and showcase all things design and business-related with thought, heart and courage. I hope you enjoy!

Hello and welcome to the first edition of my newsletter! 

I hope you are doing well and are having a good start to 2021? I won't lie, I've not started this year with all the energy I would normally feel going into a new year (but hey, what even is normal anymore?) The “back to school” feeling I usually have come January isn't quite as present as it usually would be, but I'm trying not to be too harsh on myself and realise that 2020 was testing, as I am sure 2021 will be too. In order to combat and work through this, I have found routine to be paramount in helping solve dwindling energy levels. Even as someone who is well accustomed to the WFH life, I have struggled and have found that repetition of tasks such as my morning routine every day is the only way to push through this. I am quietly optimistic though that this year will be better than last. My approach is to have no expectations and then the only way is up!

Despite everything that 2020 bought, it has helped me to reflect a lot on where I'm at and where I want myself and this little business to be this time next year, and I'm excited to finally put all of my thoughts and plans into action (hence the beginnings of this newsletter!)

I am well aware of how many lists we are all subscribed to and bombarded with every day so I promise to keep this short, sweet, and only once a month!

With that said, I will leave you with some of the people, projects and places that have inspired me recently, along with a few new projects and updates from Paiv Creative.

I hope you enjoy!

Thought of the month

Do you read randomly? Or is there a link between the books on your reading list?

I was really inspired this month by a concept that I read in a newsletter by one of my fellow Out of Hours Launchpad cohort members, Eloho. Eloho started her newsletter Mustard Seeds a few months ago and it's safe to say that it's brilliant! The concept she spoke about in the latest edition was ‘reading clusters’. You choose a theme or a topic that you want to learn more about and then you pick books that link broadly to that theme in order to read more widely and deliberately and to hone in on a particular topic that interests you.

I am an avid reader of both fiction and non-fiction and tend to just read whatever I fancy next (or whatever is on the shelf), but as soon as I read Eloho's newsletter I was inspired to try out this method to bring more focussed learning to my own reading practice.

I have now planned out my reading list for Q1 and Q2 based on what my business goals and intentions are for the first half of this year. It is worth noting that I am planning to take this approach only with my non-fiction or business/design books as I like to be a bit freer with my night-time reading!

My reading cluster for Q1:

Theme: Outreach, business development, growth, having more confidence

Book 1: The Million-Dollar, One-Person Business: Make Great Money. Work the Way You Like. Have the Life You Want by Elaine Pofeldt

Book 2: Playing the Long Game: How to Create Long Term Success in a “Right Now” World by Sam Kyle

Book 3: It’s not how good you are, it’s how good you want to be by Paul Arden

Design with heart

Designers Maisie Benson and Claudia Aggett have launched their ‘Happy to Help’ campaign, aimed at supporting the next generation of students within the creative industry. The campaign is a call-to-arms for those within the creative industries to offer their support to emerging graduates and young creatives. As I am all too familiar with the overwhelming and unnerving post-graduation feeling, I was really keen to show my support for their campaign. You can download the assets below, share them on social and show your support for those who are new to the industry and in need of some advice or guidance.

Download and support

Courageous content

For this month's Courageous Content feature, I wanted to share with you a quote that is really inspiring me to keep going and keep pushing through despite the distractions of #WFHLife and the oh so familiar imposter syndrome that often creeps in when starting something new. Whilst this might seem a little on the ‘tough love’ side sometimes this approach really helps me to feel motivated and just get sh*t done! I hope that this helps anyone else who needs this today.

*Quote inspired by Bob Marley "If you don't go somewhere, you're gonna go nowhere."*

🎤Currently listening to: The Off Menu Podcast by James Acaster and Ed Gamble

What’s your favourite ever starter, main course, dessert, side dish and drink? BIG lockdown conversation starter and the format of this hilarious weekly conversation between comedians James Acaster, Ed Gamble and a celebrity guest. The perfect post-work accompaniment to cooking when you just want to unwind. My favourite episode has to be episode 65 with Romesh Ranganathan.

📚 Currently Reading: Fiction - The Heatwave by Kate Riordan, Non-fiction - The Million-Dollar, One-Person Business: Make Great Money. Work the Way You Like. Have the Life You Want by Elaine Pofeldt

If you like an easy-to-read thriller then The Heatwave is perfect, easy reading but that might just make you feel like you're being watched. I love a good murder mystery and this one did not disappoint.

The Million-Dollar, One-Person Business (the first book in my Q1 book cluster) is a great insight into how solo business-owners have broken the million-dollar mark and what it takes to get there with lots of tips on scaling when you're a one-woman or one-man band.

👀Currently watching: Bridgerton on Netflix

Okay so strictly speaking I'm not ‘currently watching’ because I devoured it in about 2 sittings but I loved Bridgerton and would highly recommend to anyone who hasn't yet seen it and that loves a period drama with a bit of a twist.

That’s all for this edition of Paiving the Way, but I’d love to carry on the conversation. Send me a message here and let me know what you're currently loving in design and in life!