Blue Moon

Blue Moon

Project lead: Mac + Moore

Blue Moon is an award-winning Inclusive Executive Search Firm and Diversity and Inclusion Consultancy Practice. They redefine diversity and rewrite recruitment by tapping into the talent beyond the usual pools and educating businesses from the ground up on how to nurture this talent.

Blue Moon is changing workplaces through diversity & inclusion. Founder Joanna Abeyie has recently been awarded an MBE for her work in the Diversity & Inclusion space, amongst a whole host of other titles and accomplishments. I worked with marketers Mac + Moore to establish the brand proposition and identity design for this business who are truly doing great things.

The challenge

The challenge when setting out to work on the identity for Blue Moon was to create a brand that is premium but accessible, approachable and inclusive. Their brand mission is to 'be the change we want to see in the world by providing and representing a true reflection of society within the workplace.' The brand identity needed to encompass the following traits: self aware and empathetic, caring, positive impact, open-minded, energetic and with a 'can do' attitude.

The core focus of the business is to focus on changing leadership teams to ensure businesses change at a decision making level with a particular focus on 'inclusion for everyone who deems themselves (or that are seen by others) to be “different” or outliers in society.' Therefore, it was paramount that the identity reflect the positive and profound impact Blue Moon are making within the Diversity & Inclusion space.


The visual solution for the identity was to create a brand mark drawn from the equals sign. This links directly to the idea of celebrating equality and differences within the workplace. It is bold and graphic and in black and white can easily be used alongside photography to add to the idea of celebrating the people at the heart of businesses and emphasises the importance of people. The concept is carried through to the tone of voice copy whilst retaining a recognisable brand and reinforcing the importance of equality and opportunity for all.

“When they presented their creative solution to me they got it spot on. Understood straight away what I wanted to achieve and it translated into the brand so well. They really make you feel that they want you to be a success.”
✶ Joanna Abeyie, Founder & CEO ✶



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