Christ'l Dullaert

Christ'l Dullaert

Branding | Website design
Project lead: Mac + Moore

Christ’l Dullaert is a prominent thought leader in the Dutch legal world who holds degrees in both Law and Philosophy. She also heads up Le Tableau, the first legal temping agency in the Netherlands. Christ’l is passionate about helping others to succeed through building and honing their negotiation skills.

I worked closely with Mac + Moore to establish a personal brand for Christ'l and create awareness of the extracurricular work she does in providing negotiation training for women. Specifically, she wanted to reach a new audience that sits beyond her existing network. Her key target audience is women in business looking to get a deeper understanding of negotiation strategies and tactics in order to support their growth, confidence and development within the modern day business world

The challenge

The brief was to create an identifiable personal brand that embodies Christ’l Dullaert’s unique proposition and showcases her knowledge and expertise. The aim was to create an stand-out personal brand that to gives Christ’l a sophisticated look and feel that works both on and offline to establish her presence.


The visual solution for brand identity was rooted in the idea of negotiation and how that as a concept could be visually represented. The logo for this concept is made up of two semi-circles forming a C & D for Christl’s initials. The circle represents unity, wholeness and strength. It also is symbolic of no beginning or end, which nods to the idea of negotiation being an ongoing learning process in your life. The two semi-circles are also symbolic of the two sides of a negotiation table. It was important for the colour palette to have real meaning behind it and encourage people working with Christ’l to feel empowered, as well as to get across some of her key messages through the colours used. Orange is known to represent encouragement, being extroverted, motivating and optimistic, which fully encompasses the essence of Christl's personal brand.


The core purpose of the website created for Christ'l was to showcase her expertise and experience in an easy-to-access and approachable way. The primary goal of the site is to educate viewers on the value of what Christ'l could teach them, as well as encourage sign-ups to her courses so that more people can benefit from negotiation skills and Christl's vast experience on the subject.


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