Graveney Gin

Graveney Gin

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Graveney Gin is a nano-batch gin brand based in Tooting, London. 'Inspired by the pure passion of gin, Graveney Gin was created. Using a small but perfectly formed 30L Copper Still which produces 30 organic bottles per batch, Graveney Gin is a truly handcrafted spirit of uncompromising quality produced in Tooting.'

I was approached by founder Victoria to develop four bespoke recipe cards for Graveney Gin, one for each season. Each card includes seasonal recipes and instructions for something you can eat, drink and make using Graveney Gin. The idea was to create a unique brand experience for Graveney Gin consumers, and give them that little bit more when purchasing a bottle of their delicious gin and prolonging the life of their bottles by giving them a second use.

The challenge


" When I first approached Maddy she picked up on exactly what I wanted, needed and style to communicate my brand. Maddy not only delivered incredibly quickly but was so creative, personal and unique. I am so proud of the recipe cards and my brand story that she translated from a very badly written word document to a piece of artwork. I will continue to tap into her creativity and highly recommend her."
✶ Victoria Christie, Founder ✶



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