Campaign design

Liftshare is a car sharing service that has a user-base of '700,000 like-minded people saving money and the planet by car sharing.' They are a social enterprise with the primary goal of helping people to 'travel happy.'

I worked with Liftshare on a corporate marketing campaign that would be offered to their corporate service-users as a way to encourage employees to use the service and therefore, help reduce emissions on their journey to work.

The challenge

The brief was to come up with a creative concept for a campaign that would reach their desired audience and encourage new users of the service. It needed to deliver Liftshare's key messages of: saving the planet, saving money and alleviating stress through sharing your journey to work.


The solution was a campaign titled 'Sharing is Caring,' a campaign around the three core messages of: saving time, money, and the planet through using Liftshare's services for your commute to work. The key messaging of the campaign was 'Sharing is Caring... for yourself, for the planet, and for your bank balance.'

The campaign was executed across a number of analogue touch-points such as: posters, flyers and banners, as well as for digital screens within workplaces.

"We are so pleased with the final designs. Thank you so much for your patience, co-operation and artistry – we can’t wait to use them with our clients!"
✶ Harry Millbank ✶



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