She can. She did.

She can. She did.

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Photography: Stories by Chloe

She can. She did is the UK’s first and only Benefits Programme for female business owners in the UK. The Programme offers an ever-growing selection of exclusive discounts from leading brands as well as access to weekly online events and resources to help hone your business skills.

I have worked with founder Fiona on everything from re-branding She can. She did., to printed ephemera for events, social media imagery, email marketing and design for investment decks and more recently the complete design and build of their new Benefits Platform for female business owners in the UK. She can. She did. focuses on the realities of starting and running your own business and what it really looks like to be a female founder in the UK and rewards their resilience for all of the hard work put in.

The challenge

The challenge when designing the identity for She can. She did. was to create a recognisable, strong look and feel that reflects the positive and ambitious nature of the brand. It needed to feel inclusive of a range of ages of women in their teens, twenties and thirties. A hugely important part of this platform is the sense of community it creates. With its events being one of the key parts of the brand, the overall identity and promotional materials need to reflect the community and inclusive nature of She can. She did. and the huge host of diverse women that are part of this community.


The brand mark was inspired by the idea of the uphill struggle that women go through in setting up their own business. The diagonal line cutting through the logo is symbolic of this. It also symbolises the ambition and want to strive for more that setting up your own business requires. It was important the identity felt feminine yet not girly. The female founder community is an ever-growing space, so the identity for She can. She did. needed to stand out amongst a crowded market. It also needed to feel bold, strong and powerful to reflect the nature of the women interviewed in the events and podcast series.

With a large part of the business being event-based, the brand needed to be able to work in a physical space and stand-out in a crowded room of people. The bold, striking brand mark helps create a sense of community at the events and helps each and every woman there feel empowered and as if they are part of a bigger movement.

“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Maddy on a number of projects for over two years now and I can honestly say that she goes above and beyond on every piece of work that she creates. From her seamless design work which speaks for itself to her friendly nature, be it on calls, emails or in person, she’s always a joy to work with, listening and taking on board her clients feedback at every stage and for those reasons, I couldn’t recommend her more.”
✶ Fiona Grayson, Founder ✶



In 2020 amidst the pandemic, She can. She did. launched the first and only benefits platform for female business owners in the UK. They have an online community of over 20,000 people. It has hosted 20+ events across the UK and interviewed over 200+ female founders about their businesses. She can. The She did. podcast has also reached the top business charts on Apple Podcasts, and the brand has been recognised by the likes of Dior and Forbes. They have also gained sponsorship from both Xero and Tide.

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