Brand book design

Yūgenial is a unisex wellness brand that believes in potent botanical alchemy, clean science, transparency, consumer education and integrative mind-body approach to health and wellbeing. They currently offer four unique CBD-based products to help you nurture your mental and physical wellbeing.

Yūgenials' ethos, ingredients and delivery are all about 'holistically combining the best that Mother Nature and Ancient Wisdom have to offer, with the latest developments in cutting edge Science and Technology.' Founder Nia ststes 'Yūgenial is a marriage of my Eastern and Western heritage in some respects. We wanted to promote transparency, clean science and consumer education in the market, alongside changing perceptions around integrative health, plant medicines and drug policy. Where CBD is concerned especially, it is important to find high-grade oils, public certificates and test results from brands that you can trust.'

The challenge

To create a brand book that reflected Yūgenials' ethos and approach to health and wellbeing through a thoughtfully crafted narrative that captures the essence of the brand. The aim of the brand book is to attract stockists to introduce them to the brand and their products.


The result was a comprehensive brand narrative that introduces Yūgenial and its products to its customers. It was important for it to feel in-keeping with the current brand aesthetic, but to develop it further to attract consumers interested in health and wellness.

"Thank you for helping me to express my brand in the way I truly wanted to, but didn’t know how! Your designs were beautifully crafted, maintained a personal and boutique feel, as opposed to mass produced or sterile, and really brought the brand to life."
✶ Nia Davies, Founder ✶



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