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September 2021

Branding with Roots & Wings


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The concept of Roots and Wings originates from an African proverb, which says: there are two things we should give our children, one is roots and one is wings.


It got me thinking about branding and how this idea can be applied to design. Good branding, in my opinion, gives you both the roots to ground you in your business, and the wings to prosper and grow.

The roots are there to ground you in your mission, your vision, your aspirations, goals, and your purpose for the business. They act as the solid foundation from which the rest of your business can grow and flourish. The roots consolidate and bring together all the moving parts of your business and bring them all together into a solid foundation (or tree trunk).

When you have this solid foundation to grow from, your brand can prosper, fly and grow wings. It can progress, change direction and take flight, but it will always have this solid foundation or root to return back to.

Successful branding can’t have one without the other. It needs both the roots and the wings to flourish and stand the test of time.

Have you thought about what the roots of your business are that ground you no matter what? How has a strong and solid foundation allowed you to grow?

Click the image below to watch the video of me talking through the concept in more detail

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