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September 2018

My favourite summer read


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What struck me most about this wonderful book ‘The Multi-hyphen Method’ by Emma Gannon was how much I felt it resonated with both the present me and, I imagine, my future self. I have always loved turning my hand to lots of things at one time, always had lots of hobbies that seemed completely random and irrelevant. And always felt as if I wasn’t a very concise person, that I couldn’t really describe what I liked or what I wanted to do because I wanted to do lots of things, and I have almost always seen this as a bad thing.

I’ve always thought it meant that I was indecisive or not very good at one thing. Reading this book, however, has given a name to an insecurity that I am sure many of us have about being interested in multiple things. Whether it be jobs, hobbies or interests, Emma Gannon tells us that this is okay. It disrupts the norm that you are destined to be one thing and one thing only; to have one job for the rest of your life; and to fit under an umbrella of what society approves of as a “normal job.”

The book tells us that to be a multi-hyphenate is not to be less of a person, but actually that being a “jack of all trades” makes you more rounded both in your career and as an individual. You are more than your job title. For me, this book put into words so many of the gut feelings and questions I have had about the working world and clarifies the truth that you can do or be whoever or whatever you want to be in your life and work.

While reading this book for the second time, I found myself highlighting and underlining quotes and phrases that particularly resonated with me. When I look back I have triple underlined, starred, exclamation marked (added just about every form of punctuation mark) to so many things that I know I can look back on in the future for inspiration and motivation for creating a career and life that I love.

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