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What you’ll get

  • A bespoke visual identity that will help your newsletter to stand out in your reader’s inbox
  • Visuals that reflect the high quality and value of your newsletter
  • My undivided attention for a whole day to focus on you, and your newsletter

As well as…

  • ½ hour discovery call
  • Extensive prep work
  • 1 week of access to a Slack channel ahead of the day intensive to ask any questions and brainstorm
  • 1 week of support via Slack post-day intensive
  • Full asset pack for Substack & other major platforms

How it works

  • Book in to secure your slot for a newsletter day intensive
  • Fill out a questionnaire to tell me a bit more about your readers and the content of your newsletter
  • Book a discovery call to talk through the process of how our day intensive will run and I can answer any questions you have
  • You will be invited to join a Slack channel a week ahead of our working day where you can ask me any questions
  • When the day arrives, we will work together across a full working day (9am-5:30pm GMT) to create your newsletter’s identity
  • You will receive updates at intervals throughout the day and give your feedback on designs as we go
  • By the end of the day, you will receive your asset pack to start using in your newsletter – maybe even in your next edition!
  • You will still have Slack access to me for one week after the day intensive to ask any questions or troubleshoot



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I’m absolutely blown away by what Maddy achieved for my newsletter branding in just one day. I procrastinated over investing in new visuals for a long time before finally taking action, and when I finally did, Maddy made the whole thing easy, efficient and enjoyable for me. I couldn’t believe I waited so long! I will definitely hire Maddy again for future projects like this. Her expertise and passion make collaborating with her a total pleasure

Lauren Razavi, Writer and Strategist

After helping us with our overall branding, Maddy also supported us in bringing our newsletter, The Addition, concept to life by taking some of the core brand elements and creating a really creative template that meant we could easily populate with content and keep our newsletters consistent and looking great

Natalie Moores, Co-Founder - Mac + Moore

Substack branding for Counterflows: Publication logo, Email banner, Social preview image

Mailchimp branding for The Addition

👉 FAQ’s

Why do you just do this in a day?+-

Working intensely for a day (with some prep beforehand), meaning that you get your new branding quickly. I only take on 2 of these projects per month, meaning that I can get to know your newsletter in depth and establish an identity that represents you and your content. This is a day dedicated to just you and your newsletter.

Will I need to be available throughout the day?+-

I ask that when you book in for our day intensive, you choose a day that works for you to be able to quickly deliver feedback. Ideally, you will be able to provide feedback within 20- 30 minutes throughout the day

Do you just design for Substack?+-

I am most familiar with Substack, Mailchimp and Flodesk but if you use a different mail provider, feel free to get in touch.

When will I get my files?+-

Usually, you will be sent your ready-to-use asset pack on the day of our intensive. Sometimes, this can run over slightly but I always aim to deliver the final artwork to you within the next working day.

Who is this for?+-

Anyone who writes a newsletter. Whether they be a solo independent creator, an ambitious brand with a newsletter or a creative freelancer.

Can I pay in instalments?+-

You can either pay in full when booking the project OR as 4 separate (interest-free) instalments

What do I need to do ahead of the day?+-

Pick a date that works for you, pay the deposit, sign the contract, fill in a questionnaire, join our Slack channel and finally clear your diary for the day and get ready to brand your newsletter in a day!

What if we run over on the day?+-

Once the day ends, no further changes can be made to the design itself. Small tweaks to formatting or troubleshooting are available for 1 week after the day ends and any support with uploading your new artwork to your hosting platform.

How long do I get Slack access for?+-

Slack access will begin 1 week before the day intensive and end 1 week after

How far in advance do I need to book?+-

We ask that you book at least 2 weeks in advance

What happens after the day?+-

I will feature your newsletter (and the new branding) in my newsletter, Paiving the Way to get more eyes on your new visual identity

Any other questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch!

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