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November 2019

Mac + Moore

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Rebranding a marketing consultancy that builds businesses that do well AND do good

Mac + Moore are a marketing consultancy based in London, UK. They combine the science + the magic of marketing to create creative and thoughtful marketing solutions for change-makers who are looking to create positive impact through their work. They have worked with brands such as Now TV, Itsu, The British Library and Transport for London.

I have worked with Founders Jess + Nat on a number of collaborative projects over the past three years and have since been lucky enough to work with them on their own rebrand. We worked closely on re-defining their offering and brand proposition before re-establishing their brand identity.

Because we want to build businesses that do well AND do good

Mac + Moore’s because

The challenge +

The challenge was to create an identity which stood out in the crowded marketing space where it can be difficult to be unique, stand out and create something truly own-able. The brief was to create an identity for Mac + Moore that provides a point of difference and personality that sets them apart from a traditional agency offering.

The solution +

The concept behind the identity was to use the ‘+’ symbol to represent Mac + Moore’s offering of combining elements of science + magic together to create real transformation and change through their ‘modern chemistry.’ The logo concept is inspired by the alchemical symbol for The Elements which is a +. Making use of this symbol also nods to the idea of Mac & Moore as The Alchemists combining elements together to create real transformation and change. It also has a dual meaning of Mac + Moore being an ‘addition’ or adding positive value to whatever they do.

In my 13-year career working in marketing and advertising I’ve been lucky enough to work alongside some of the best creative talent out there and Maddy is no exception. Her thoughtfulness, passion, and talent know no bounds and the work she has and will create is always exceptional. On top of that her willingness to see you succeed and her down to earth personality makes her an absolute pleasure to work with

Jess MacIntyre, Co-Founder – Mac + Moore

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